Grateful Abduction
Grateful Abduction

Grateful Abduction

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Design  - Get ready to rock a cosmic fusion of music and mystery with our "Grateful Abduction" T-shirt! This otherworldly design features the iconic Grateful Dead dancing skeleton in the midst of a psychedelic experience, being beamed up by a UFO. As the tractor beam pulls it into the unknown, the skeleton appears to melt, its bones dancing and dissolving in the extraterrestrial glow. This shirt is a must-have for Deadheads and UFO enthusiasts alike, combining classic rock nostalgia with a dash of sci-fi intrigue. Whether you're at a concert or just chilling out, this tee is sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

Build  - Classic Cut Tee  4 oz. | 100% Cotton 

  • Very Soft
  • Quality fabric
  • Built to last


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