Wooly Booger Performance Hat

Wooly Booger Performance Hat

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Design  - Within the tapestry of the Legends Collection, a captivating narrative unfolds in this design. Picture Forrest Gump transformed into the legendary Sasquatch, traversing through the iconic moments of his life. These distinctive shorts, available in a vibrant red hue reminiscent of his multi-cross-country run "for no particular reason," encapsulate the essence of his journey. It's a fusion of imagination and homage, all brought to life through this unique piece.

Extreme performance - Designed to complement any endeavor, particularly those demanding optimal ventilation, this hat stands as the epitome of versatility. Crafted from lightweight fabric, it excels at moisture-wicking, accompanied by a sweatband strategically placed to prevent any intrusion onto your visage. There is a simple pinch-resize button on the back for quick sizing adjustements that allows you to resize while wearing that hat

1.8 oz. | 97% Polyester 2% Spandex

  • Pinch resize for back strap
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Holes for Airflow
  • Super Lightweight material


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