Run Squatch Run
Run Squatch Run

Run Squatch Run

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Design  - Introducing our whimsical "Run, Squatch, Run" T-shirt! This playful tee captures the legendary moment from 'Forrest Gump' with a twist: Forrest's iconic run has gone on so long that his hair and beard have transformed him into Sasquatch himself! Set against the backdrop of an evergreen forest, the design features Forrest in mid-stride as the mythical creature, with his unmistakable long hair blending seamlessly into the Bigfoot silhouette. Above him, the iconic yellow smiley face beams down like the sun, adding a touch of lighthearted nostalgia. Perfect for movie buffs and cryptozoology fans alike, this tee is a fun homage to the beloved film and the wildness of nature.

Build  - Classic Cut Tee  4 oz. | 60% Cotton 40% Recycled Polyester

  • Very Soft
  • Quality fabric
  • Built to last


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