Scooby's Set Break
Scooby's Set Break

Scooby's Set Break

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Design  - This unique design features everyone's favorite sleuthing dog, Scooby Doo, taking a breather from his antics. Dressed in a Bigfoot costume, Scooby is captured mid-relaxation with the mask off, holding a cold beer while sitting on a bench, suggesting he's just stepped off a movie set. The whimsical background is adorned with a classic movie prop mountain, a solitary tree, and a cheerful sun, setting the stage for Scooby's off-screen moment. It's a perfect blend of humor, nostalgia, and a touch of Hollywood charm, ideal for fans of the famous cartoon and lovers of legendary creatures alike.

Build  - Classic Cut Tee  4 oz. | 100% Cotton 

  • Very Soft
  • Quality fabric
  • Built to last


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