Wear the Wolf Hat
Wear the Wolf Hat

Wear the Wolf Hat

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Design  - Step into the nostalgic vibe of the '90s bar scene with our "Wear the Wolf" hat - a head-turning accessory that's sure to be the alpha of your wardrobe. This hat features an intricately woven werewolf, donning a stylish 5-panel retro cap, capturing the essence of cool from a bygone era. The design is a howling tribute to the laid-back yet edgy aesthetic of the '90s nightlife, with a playful twist. Whether you're prowling the city streets by moonlight or just looking for that statement piece to top off your daywear, this hat is a perfect blend of retro charm and modern-day streetwear. It's not just a hat, it's a nod to the times when nights were wild and fashion was fearless.

Hat Build - Structured 5-Panel Pinch Polyester Hat

3 oz. | 100% Polyester

  • Swift-Release button on the back
  • Ripstop nylon
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight material


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